Grievance Policy

Renewed Vision Counseling is committed to conducting all activities in strict conformance with the American Counseling Association and the National Board of Certified Counselors’ Code of Ethics.  The monitoring and assessment of compliance with these standards will be the responsibility of the Owner, Dr. Michael Jones.

This procedural description serves as a guideline for handling grievances.

  1. When a participant, either orally or in written format, files a grievance and expects action on the complaint, the following actions will be taken.
  2. If the grievance concerns the content presented in a training the individual filing the grievance will be asked to put their comments in written format.
  3. If the complaint or grievance concerns a training offering, its content, level of presentation, or non-receipt of certificates, or any other occurrence:
  1. Complaints and grievances will be discussed.
  2. Fair procedures will be provided, and the participant will have the opportunity to support their allegations by arguments.
  3. Dr. Michael Jones will work with the individual to come to a peaceful resolution of the issue.
  4. A response will be provided in writing.

Complaints and grievances will require a written note, documenting the grievance, for record keeping purposes. The note must be emailed to:

Dr. Michael Jones at

All grievances will be resolved in 7 business days or less from the time the complaint is received.